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Foreign Exchange
Requirements of currencies and Travelers Cheque under various schemes like Basic Travel Quota, Business, Airport Allowance, Encashment of Foreign Currencies and Travelers Cheque at your doorstep.

The VAT Recovery unit of Travel Money offers a golden opportunity to claim VAT refund in a hassle free way! VAT (Value Added Tax) is a standard turnover tax in European Countries except Germany and Italy that every purchaser of goods and services has to pay. Cost of business travel in Europe is very high and VAT ranging on an average from 15% - 25% greatly increases expenses, especially when measured in terms of the Indian Rupees. Indian residents are entitled to a refund on the VAT paid on services used or purchases made for business purposes.

Basic requirements for VAT Recovery

  • Original Bills
  • Certificate from the Income Tax Department confirming that your company is assessed for Income Tax
  • Letter of Authority from your company authorizing Travel Money to claim VAT for you
  • The approximate period for VAT recovery is 16-18 months

The MoneyGram wire service is the fastest way to receive money from anywhere in the world. You can receive money from anywhere in the world in 10 minutes flat. Backed by our 18,000 strong dealer network, we can deliver it to over 800 countries, across 5 countries. Also, MoneyGram assures you of a money-back guarantee if your money isn't delivered on time! The computerized money transfer network ensures quick service and safety.

You can receive any amount for any purpose except

  • Commercial purpose
  • No kind of donations
  • Cannot remit money under the scheme abroad

Put an end to the embarrassing situations at pay-phones abroad and say goodbye to high cost telephone charges of the hotel. Take advantage of MCI prepaid calling card

  • No fumbling for coins at payphones
  • No embarrassment or obligation when using phones or relatives / friends / business associates as your calls are prepaid
  • Need not insert into phone
  • You can even use your cellular phone
  • Can be used from the hotel room phones without exorbitant cost
  • When the card is used to make a call, the balance amount on the card is reduced by the value of the call
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